20 years of experience for a perfect result in the cup

Lavazza Espresso Point offers a truly ideal product thanks to its pre-dosed capsules enclosed within a protected atmosphere that preserves the freshness and aroma of its top blends.

Designed for the home or office, it offers an array of machines designed to deliver the best quality results, combined with maximum ease and speed of use.

Choose the Lavazza Espresso Point system and enjoy quality Italian espresso at any time of the day.


Technology and efficiency combined with top design and the Lavazza brand

Lavazza Blue is an exclusive capsule system designed by Lavazza for vending machines that guarantee an authentic Italian espresso that is always creamy, aromatic and impeccable no matter where you are.

Its innovative distribution methods and sealed capsules protect the flavour and preserve the freshness of the authentic Italian coffee right up to being poured into the cup.

Discover Lavazza BLUE and choose the machine that best satisfies your daily needs at home, at work or within a company.

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