From extensive research comes Lavazza BLUE, a system that unites technological innovation with excellent quality and exclusivity.
The innovationcomes from a sophisticated new coffee extraction system.
The qualityis due to the uniqueness of the capsule and the constancy of the result in the cup.
Exclusivityin the range of sophisticated machines is in terms of engineering and design.

Lavazza BLUEis the new frontier in espresso distributor machines.
The new Lavazza system consists of a range of machines and capsules, equipped with the same technology and coffee extraction system which, thanks to a pre-brewing phase, allows the attainment of an excellent espresso in terms of quality and taste.

Thanks to the single-serve and self-protected Lavazza BLUE capsule, you can enjoy an outstanding product at home, at work, in small and medium spaces and even in large environments.

Lavazza's innovative technological extraction system in Lavazza BLUE provides the best results.
The extraction method guarantees a coffee of the utmost excellence.
The final results of the Lavazza BLUE espresso are sure to satisfy everyone.

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